Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Anak2 Autisma BOLEH!!!

This is Angelo, Vincent's brother. I am sure many of you have seen him in pictures I have posted. I wanted to share this shot because I am so proud of the man he turned into. I was blessed with this beautiful child who had my full attention until he was 5 and then Vincent came along. 

He then had to learn at a very young age that his brother was different and was not going to play with him the way most brothers do. Well after all these years, I am so thankful for him, the man he turned into, the love he has for his brother, his compassion towards other people, his independence, and his ability to NEVER, not once complain about the years of having to really put his brothers needs before his. Autism changed our family but in every good way possible. 

It made us proud, strong, and patient. It made Angelo the man he is today, and this picture shows how very proud he has made me. 

He will graduate high school in 2 weeks and head to Arizona in the summer. It is his time to shine!

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