Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Autism: Don’t stay in the house because others do not understand

Don’t Stay Locked Up Inside

There is a whole big world out there and you and your loved one(s) affected by Autism deserve to see it just as much as the next man, woman or child. I have come to find that many affected by Autism keep their loved ones in the house so that others will not be disturbed. Is this fair? I do not think so. Your loved one(s) deserve to get out and feel the sun on their face, smell the roses, eat out, run and play, etc. just like the next man, woman or child.

In my opinion many look at people with special needs funny mainly due to ignorance. Ignorance in not knowing what is wrong with someone. Ignorance in finding it easier to whispering and stare instead of looking outside the fishbowl they are trapped in for answers.

My family and I have experienced the whispers and stares first hand. When we go out with my Autistic grandson Isaiah many stare when he flares his arms from excitement or makes sounds that are not familiar to them.excit

At first I used to get very angry as well as sometimes embarrassed when going out in public with my grandson because I felt as though we were always under a constant center stage spotlight. Now I realize my grandson Isaiah is entitled to the same privileges that everyone else is privy too; and grandma will see to that.

I have come to realize that the stares and whispers are due to people not having the common sense to be compassionate. Many do not make a stand or understand until they are affected by the situation.

Super Hero Public Service Announcement

When my family and I are out in public settings and Isaiah is reading a book, which sometimes causes him to flap his arms and drop his jaw, I want to say to the folks that stare (in my super hero voice) “Citizens of planet earth it is okay. The young man you see before you is not a threat to you or to himself. The young man you see before you is not contagious. It is okay citizens. The young man has Autism. Carry on.” I know this may sound silly to you, however unless you have been in our situation, then you might not understand where I am coming from.

The bottomline is do not judge a book solely by its cover. By doing this you stand to miss out on all the greatness that is inside.

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