Friday, August 31, 2012

10 Simple tips on how to write a good blog post

1.Way of presentation is very important.Try to write as bulleted list or short paragraphs rather than writing long paragraphs,so the readers can easily go through and get the information they need.

2.Use simple words rather than using difficult words to understand because all of your readers can't be proficient in english.

3.Highlight the important keywords in the post,so that the readers can get quick attention and easily navigate inside your posts.

4.The title of the post should be eye-catchy and keyword rich,so the readers would like to view though you don't have a great article in the post.

5.Don't try to promote more of your affiliate links in the post because it can be a irritation to the readers.

6.Ask a question at the end of the post,so it will make the readers to engage in conversation with you by making comments in your post.

7.Try to add a call-to-action in your post if possible.

8.If possible provide some useful resources in your post.It can be your friend's blogs which might be helpful to make a good relationship with other bloggers.

9.Make sure the content of the post is only related to the topic and don't write out of the box.

10.Last but not least,engage in conversation with the readers by replying to their comments in the post.

Let me know the points that I have missed in this post.


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