Friday, October 5, 2012

Autistic with a master's degree

  • Raun Kaufman

    Raun Kaufman, typical of neural development, graduating with a master's degree from Brown University. 

    His parents were told he was severely autistic, had a below 30 IQ, as he spun plates relentlessly, was unaware his parents were even alive, uncommunicative, and were told to put him in an institution. 

    His parents developed their own teaching approach called Son-Rise and now he is typical person and fully recovered. 

    His father, Barry, gave a speech this day depicted of "how to live life 'unrealistically' " 

    (Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues by Barry Kaufman).


Believe you can get what you want even if you don't have any evidence to support such an outcome.


Take action when others might sit on the sidelines because you want to make a difference no matter what.


Know that you're worthy and lovable even if no one applauds you.  


Trust your own inner voice and go forward using your own inner compass in a world that might greet you only with skepticism and sarcasm.


Decide a problem isn't a problem but an opportunity and jump in, embrace and fully immerse yourself as you travel roads unanticipated (autism, cancer, death of a loved one, financial collapse). 

Love and smiles, Bears Barry Neil Kaufman (Co-Founder Option Institute/Son-Rise Program/Autism Treatment Center of America & Author HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE, SON-RISE: THE MIRACLE CONTINUES and POWER DIALOGUES)  

(Photo Notation:  Samahria and Raun on his graduation day from an Ivy League University.  Now that's muscular optimism -- everyone, yes everyone (experts, family, and friends) assured us that would never happen.  The gift of autism, full recovery and the love from Raun now as he teaches folks worldwide how to live more happily, love more freely and help their children.  One last point -- check out that hair).

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