Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hasil Seni dan Penulisan Faqihah

Daya imaginasi Faqihah

Faqihah menulis tanpa merujuk apa2. Menulis mengikut imaginasinya. Ditulis sepenuhnya oleh Faqihah tanpa diubahsuai. Hasil penulisan Faqihah seperti dibawah:

Narrator; Once upon a time, There was A Girl Named Cinderella, Cinderella had No Father, In lived 2 Ugly Stepsisters, Cinderella was Hardworking and Kind, She Tidy up in Cinders, First Stepsister; Cinderella, Clean up His House, Second Stepsister; Clean up These Dishes, Narrator; After Pasts weeks, In Invitation A Grand Ball, Cinderella; I Can Go To the Ball, Cinderella has No Gown, At Night, Cinderella Helping Stepsisters, First Stepsister; What A Pretty Gown, Second Stepsister; It`s Pretty Gown, First Stepsister; Cinderella, You Stay his House, Goodbye, Narrator; The Stepsisters Goes To the Ball, Cinderella was so Crying, She Can`t Go To the Ball, [Crying] Then,She Saw A Fairygod Mother, Fairy god Mother; Why are you Crying, Cinderella; I Can`t Go To the Ball, Fairy god Mother; I Can Help you, Go get the Pumpkin, Some Mices, And Lizards, Narrator; So, The Fairy god Mother had A Magic wand, Fairy god Mother; Hocus Pocus, The Pumpkin Turned Into A Couch, The Mices Turned Into A Horses, And The Lizards Turned Into A Couchmans, Cinderella; Oh, It`s Perfect, But, I Don`t Have The Gown, Fairy god Mother; Hocus Pocus, Narrator; Cinderella`s Rag Dress Turned Into A Beautiful Gowns and Glass Slippers, Cinderella; Oh, It`s Brilliant, Fairy god Mother; Remember, If Your 12;00 Midnight, Cinderella; Thank you Fairy god Mother, Narrator; Cinderella Goes on the Couch, And Goes to the Ball, She went Upstairs, And She Had A Prince, Prince; Hello, What`s Your Named, Cinderella; It`s Cinderella, Cinderella and Prince Dancing Together they Love, But, The Clock has 12;00 Midnight, Cinderella; Oh my, It`s Midnight, Im Late, Narrator; Cinderella went Downstairs, And She One Glass Slipper on the Staircase, Soon, She went To Go Home, A Couch Turned Into A Pumpkin, A Horses Turned Into A Mices, A Couchmans Turned Into A Lizards, And Cinderella Turned Into A Rag Dress, The Next day, The Prince Found A Glass Slipper, And She Tells A Gentlemens, So, The Gentlemen Visits Cinderella`s House, Gentlemen; Who is Fit the Glass Slipper, First Stepsister; I Want Fit it, Narrator; The First Stepsister Fit the Glass Slipper, But the Glass Slipper is Not Fit, Gentlemen; Who is Fit the Glass Slipper, Second Stepsister; I Can Fit it, Narrator; The Second Stepsister Fit the Glass Slipper, But the Glass Slipper is Not Fit, Gentlemen; Who is Fit the Glass Slipper, Cinderella; I Can Fit it, Narrator; Cinderella Fit the Glass Slipper, But the Glass Slipper is Fit, Cinderella; It`s Fit, Narrator; Cinderella and Prince Began to Married, The Stepsisters was very Dissapeared, And Lived Happliy ever After,

Tidak pernah tengok Faqihah menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu. Dia lebih selesa menulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

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