Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Email untuk Faqihah

Terkejut kami apabila menerima email daripada Scott Badesch, Autism Society President. Entah di mana dia memperolehi maklumat tentang Faqihah.....Blog atau FB Kelab Anak Autisma. Emailnya seperti berikut:

Dear noor faqihah,

Please consider a final donation to the Autism Society in 2012. Our Board of Directors will generously match your gift if you donate before January 1!

The Autism Society is the only organization with plans to address the key issues individuals with autism and their families face each day.

The Autism Society is working to decrease lifetime costs of care, ensure that all students with autism receive the best possible education and increase the number of individuals with autism in the workforce. Learn more and make your tax-deductible gift now!

Please consider taking this final opportunity to make an important gift in 2012. If you are unable to give right now, please share this message with a friend looking to make a difference in the lives of all affected by autism.

Thank you for supporting the Autism Society.

Match Gift


Scott Badesch
Autism Society President

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