Saturday, January 12, 2013

This autism life...

Means having to confirm with my husband if he put a kazoo in the dishwasher to be sanitized or was this just another quirk of the kiddo.

This autism life means that despite the fact my son is eight, my husband and I have far to many conversations about our son's poop.

This autism life means that despite a love of going out to eat, I will always feed the kiddo something before we go.  Anything he eats at the restaurant will be a bonus.  Why yes, please wrap up those leftover fries.  They'll go down a treat for breakfast in the morning.  Hash browns, fries, same difference.

This autism life means that I will have grown a thicker skin than I ever thought I could.

This autism life means still watching the same DVDs now as he did when he was two.  In fact, some beloved ones will need to be replaced.  Dammit Disney to Hell when they decide to put a flick back in the vault.  Thank God for ebay.

This autism life means we will never have a lazy do nothing day.  Every moment will be planned.  Even on vacation.  

This autism life means I will spend a majority of my life ferrying him around to various doctor and therapy appointments.   Waiting rooms are my life.  That's okay though.   Standing around a soccer field when it's to cold out doesn't look like much fun anyway.  Waiting rooms have cheesy magazines, Wifi, comfortable chairs and other parents in the ASD trenches to chat with.  I think I handle that trade off.

This autism life means I will survive on less sleep than I ever knew a human could.

This autism life means we celebrate and cherish every little moment.  Every little victory.  Every little step in the right direction.

This autism life means we will also be brought to our knees in despair.  We will be heartbroken when we least suspect it.  When we see our child completely ignore another child on the playground.  When we hear some jack ass use the slur "retard" out in public.  When we wonder what the future might hold for our rapidly growing son. 

This autism life means I will just brush myself off and try again tomorrow because I have no other choice.

This autism life will teach me I have thousands of friends that live in a computer and I wish I could share a side of fries with them.


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