Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Autisme Heroin

And, not to forget, we also got our own autisme heroin - Datuk Nicole Ann David.

Born on August 26, 1983Penang-born are not newcomers to the sport of squash. Started playing squash at the age of five yearsthe sport seems to `be established 'for Nicol when the first personal win at the age of nine.

Formal training began at the age of eight years and turned professional in 2000, she won the title after titleincluding the British Open 2005 and Asian Games championthe fifth time for her since the 1998 Asian Games.

Even so, she like other teenagers also have another favoriteShe is interested in outdoor activities like rock climbing, and if there is free time or no daily exercise, she loves to shop, painting as well as listened to R&B scores.

In addition to excellence in squash, Nicol also proved her prowess in the academic arenaFormer student of Convent Green Lane Primary and Secondary School Convent Green Lane, Penang, she achived 7A1 in Malaysia Certificate of Education Examination (SPM).

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