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Characteristics Of Autism In 2-Year-Olds

Characteristics Of Autism In 2-Yr-Olds

Autism is a range of closely related disorders with shared core symptoms. Parents find it difficult to accept the fact that their bundle of joy has some problem. 

Parents need to look out for characteristics of autism in 2 year old early, so that they can be treated to lead a life as normal as any other children of their age. This is the age where the most amount of development takes place in terms of learning to talk, playing and dealing with others. 


Parents need to keep a close watch on their children during this age to find out if their child is behaving differently from other children. A close monitoring of your child can help you in an early diagnosis of autism. Toddlers are at the perfect age for diagnosing autism as they are expected to meet most of the milestones of their growth during this period. 

Parents need to keep an eye out on the characteristics of autism in toddlers; they need to do so from the time they are born. Parents need to know about the developmental stages, what their child needs to do and how they should behave in each stage.The following are a few characteristics of autism in 2 year old that parents need to be aware of. 

Early Signs: They do not make eye contact, they don’t smile when you smile at them, they don’t follow objects, they don’t make noises to get your attention, they don’t respond to cuddling, they do not do any baby talk or babbling and they don’t reach out to you to be picked up. 

Social Difficulties: A parent needs to check the characteristics of autism in 2 year old in a social environment as well. Children with autism appear to be disinterested or unaware of the people around them. They try not to make friends and prefer not to be cuddled. Basically, they seem to be aloof and detached from others. 

Speech and Language Difficulties: They often start talking late. They repeat the same set of words over and over. They have difficulty in communicating needs or desires and language is used incorrectly. They talk with an abnormal tone of voice and an odd pitch. These are a few of the characteristics of autism in toddlers. 

Non Verbal Communication Difficulties: Characteristics of autism in 2 year old is more prominent in non-verbal communication. They avoid eye contact and their facial expressions may not match with what is being said. They don’t pick up the tone or the gesture used. They react unusually to smells and sounds. These are a few of the characteristics of autism in 2 year old.

Inflexibility: They have difficulty in adjusting to a new schedule, unusual attachment to strange objects and obsessive in arranging things in a particular order. They may show repeating the same actions or movements over and over again with preoccupation in a narrow topic of interest. These are a few characteristics of autism in toddlers.

It is natural that all children differ in their stages of growth. But, don’t opt for a wait-and-see approach if you notice that your toddler is not meeting any of the milestones set for their age as this can be an indication of autism.


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