Saturday, February 28, 2015

Autism spectrum and have epilepsy

My name is Justin Guitard. I am 20 years old, I am on the autism spectrum and have epilepsy. As you can imagine, it wasn’t easy for me growing up. I always had to work twice as hard as my peers. Through perseverance, I was able to obtain my high school diploma in 2013. This diploma does not have any “accommodations”, it’s the same as all the other students who graduated with me, I even received 2 bursaries for my future studies, it was the proudest day of my life. I continued on to NBCC in Miramichi to study electronic game design, this is where everything started to fall apart. All the help and resources I was promised, I did not receive. I was a ghost at that school. Two months before my first year was completed, I had to drop out due to an increase in epileptic seizures. Now, I sit at home with my video games (which I love by the way) and just go day to day with little hope for the future because employers do not see me as an asset. I DON’T HAVE A “DISABILITY”… I HAVE A “DIFFERENT ABILITY”! I may not learn the same way as everyone else, but this doesn’t mean that I CAN’T learn!! I decided to share my story on Facebook in the hopes that it will go viral…why not??? If a picture of a “grumpy cat” can make it around the world…why can’t I????
Like it or not…Autism is part of your community…educate yourselves…hire us…learn from us…your world will be a much better place!
Thank you!

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