Monday, February 8, 2016

Risiko anak autisme di Aliran Perdana

Inilah luahan hati ibubapa anak istimewa di mana, si anak di tempatkan di sekolah2 biasa. Malangnya ada yg tak mengerti unless mereka sendiri punyai anak/saudara yg mengalami autisme.

I'm sorry. I will be saying this to many of you many times over the next 10 years... probably weekly. And I really am.

I'm sorry because I'm the reason he's in your class. I fought for him to be mainstreamed because all of the doctor's and specialists told me that being in a least restrictive environment among peer models would be best for his development.

I'm sorry because I know that you aren't trained for this.

I'm sorry because I know you'll have 25 kids in your class, all with different abilities, and you're going to have pay special attention to my son.

I'm sorry for every day he acts out or hurts another child or melts down in your classroom.

I'm sorry because I don't have all the answers.

Sumber - Samsul Muariff

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